How to Make a New Order

How to Add a Customer

How to Add a Customer

From the dashboard, hit the ORDERS button (shaped like a computer)


Next, hit “Add New”.


The first thing you must do is change the customer from “Guest” to a customer you have already made in the “users” section. (To learn how to do that, see the “Add New Customer” video.)


Next, hit “Create”.


On the sidebar, scan your products in using the “Add Products By SKU” section. When you’re done, change the order status to “Checked Out”.


To return these products, scan each item in using the “Return Products” section on the side bar.

From the dashboard, head to the USERS section.


Hit “Add New”


Fill in everything as normal, but make sure you set the username as the email associated with your client. 


Change the “Role” dropdown menu to “Customer”.

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